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Product FAQs

This section is to highlight some of the common queries that team members and users encounter while using Practice Protect.

Can I use Practice Protect from another laptop or client computer?

Practice Protect is Cloud-based, and therefore you can usually access from any other computer within your home country. Simply remember your login URL companyname.my.idaptive.app, and you’ll be able to login using your regular details. If you get an error however, this may mean your access has been restricted further by your Password Admin.

When I’m using Xero and I leave my desk for a short time, I get timed out and am unable to login again as I don’t know my password.

There’s a couple of way you can refresh the tab you were working on, simply relaunching Xero from your Practice Protect User Portal will refresh the previous tab. Alternatively, on the login page of Xero you should see the Idaptive logo in the username field, click that and select your username from the dropdown and then hit go. That’ll also refresh the tab you were on.

Why am I getting an incorrect password error when accessing through Practice Protect.

This could be your password was reset without being updated inside Practice Protect but a more likely scenario is you have a saved password in your browser for that account which is over-writing Practice Protect. To check, Click 3dots icon top right of Chrome > scroll down to “Settings” > Under Autofill click “Passwords” > click 3dots icon next to website you’re trying to access and click “Remove”

Updated on February 16, 2021

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