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Pre-Signup FAQs

This article is to highlight some of the common questions that come up during the Pre-Signup Process to address client concerns and offer full disclosure as early as possible.

Can the Practice Protect team access my information?

No, our Support Team does not have access to log into client applications or view data that our clients access through Practice Protect.
All passwords that are stored in the Practice Protect Admin Portal are double encrypted and are unable to be copied/viewed by any users including our support accounts.

Can I save Secure Notes in Practice Protect?

No, this is not a capability of the platform currently. Our suggested alternative is to use a document manager like Sharepoint which can be setup inside Practice Protect and so access can be assigned just like any of your other apps. This may then also be further restricted so that team members may only view it through the browser.

Updated on February 25, 2021

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