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What’s in the Report Library

Use the Reports page to view, create, and share your reports. When you click Reports, the page opens to the My Reports folder. This folder lists all of the reports you have created. If you have not created any reports of your own, you might want to start by browsing through the predefined reports provided in the Builtin Reports folder and its subfolders. For example, if you expand the Builtin Reports folder and select the Mobile subfolder, you would see a list of the prebuilt reports for mobile devices.

Admin Portal provides the following folders to store reports:

  • Builtin Reports

    Admin Portal provides some prebuilt reports in this folder. You can specify parameters, such as date ranges, for some reports. These built-in reports demonstrate the kinds of data you can gather and display in your reports. You can copy these reports into your My Reports folder or the Shared Reports folder. After you copy a report to another location you can then modify the report.

  • My Reports

    : When you create a new report or modify a report, Admin Portal saves it here. You can also copy built-in or shared reports to this folder so that you have all the reports that you use in one place. Only you can see the reports in your My Reports folder. You can also export, move, or delete reports in this folder.

  • Shared Reports

    : To share reports with other administrators, you move or copy the reports here.

Exporting a report creates a file on your computer; you can specify either CSV or Microsoft Excel format. Copying a report duplicates the report into another reports folder.

Updated on April 9, 2018

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