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Add New ATO Portal to Practice Protect

The ATO has released the below new portals for Business and Tax Agent. Auskey will be retired by 1st of April 2020.

  • New Tax Agent Portal
  • New Business Portal



  1. Login Practice Protect platform then Click on Switch to Admin Portal.
  2. In the left side pane, select Web Apps.
  3. Click Add Web Apps
  4. Go to Import
  5. Click the Upload
  6. Select the downloaded zip file and press Open
  7. Wait till you see message in the top “Application Added” then click Close.
  8. The application settings page will open automatically. Go to Description and remove “(Imported)” from the Application Name
  9. Now go to Permissions and click Add to assign this application
  10. Search for the User or Role and tick the checkbox beside the user name then click Add. You can assign this to Everybody or to specific roles or specific users
  11. Click Save to complete the application configuration.
    The application is now listed on your Apps page

Note: The password field is mandatory in PPO, so you need to add anything in the password field even thought it won’t be used

Updated on November 25, 2019

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