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Billing & Subscription Details

Information regarding auto-renewal, cancellation, pricing and other terms. Requests for subscription changes can be made by emailing support@practiceprotect.com


Offer details apply to the following products:

  • Practice Protect (Access)
  • Practice Protect Email 
  • Practice Protect Device

Initial Term

Your subscription is for a minimum of 12 months from the date of acceptance. Once your order is processed, your subscription will begin. This applies to both monthly and annual billing cycles.


Your subscription will automatically renew for a period equal to the Initial Term, and your credit card will be automatically charged the then current fees for the subscription type or service(s) you’ve selected on a recurring basis unless you cancel your subscription at least 14 days prior to the renewal date. See cancellation for more details.

License Adjustments

Practice Protect has a minimum 3 users and/or 3 devices as per the pricing page. Existing subscriptions cannot reduce under 3 users/device.

You can create or request additional users at any time. This will increase the subscription from the time the user/device is added. Additional licenses will be charged on a prorated based on the days remaining in your term. All licenses will automatically renew, on your subscription renewal date, unless removed. Your credit card will be automatically charged for the additions and we will send an invoice.

You can request removal or remove users/devices at any time. This will not automatically reduce the licensing count on your subscription, after removing the account you may request a reduction of your license count by emailing operations@practiceprotect.com . Prorated refund of credits to your subscription will be provided for 30 days, any account removed more than 30 days ago will only be prorated for 30 days of license credits. Subscriptions cannot be reduced during the initial 12-month term regardless of whether annual or monthly.

Suspended users are not removed users, and will be included in your renewal(s) and billing.

In the event a user is merely inactive but not removed via request, the subscription remains active and billable. Requests for retrospective license removal is not valid past 30 days in arears.

Switching Billing Cycles

If you wish to request a billing cycle change (from Annual to Monthly or Monthly to Annual), the per user pricing will change based on standard rates listed on our pricing page. Requests for billing cycle change must be made 14 days prior to the next billing cycle date. Only subscriptions outside of their initial term can switch billing cycles. ​ 

If you switch your annual subscription to monthly during your billing cycle the remaining annual credits will be prorated to your account. Prorated credits can only be used against future subscriptions and cannot be refunded.

If switching a billing cycle then please note that the renewal date will be adjusted, automatically, to the date the change is made. ​

Account in Arrears 

 If a payment is overdue for 21 days then access to the product will be, temporarily, disabled until payment is made.  

 If payment is not made by 28 days after the initial due date, then the subscription will be cancelled, and access disabled permanently. 


You can cancel subscription by emailing clientsuccess@practiceprotect.com at least 30 days prior to the end of the Initial Term or any subsequent term.  Practice Protect will not provide any refund for any remaining prepaid period for a prepaid Access Fee subscription.

Pricing and Other Terms

Promotional pricing and free trials cannot be combined with other offers. Any promotional offers are available for a limited time only. Pricing, terms, features and support are subject to change by Practice Protect at any time. See the Terms of Service for additional terms.

Updated on November 15, 2023

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