Create Authentication Profile


The purpose of this document is to create authentication prrofiles that determine the way in which users log on. They are used in conjunction with Login Policies to create rule-based login challenges, that provide different method of authentication depending on supplied conditions.


For SMS authentication you will need mobile numbers configured.

For OATH OTP Client you will need Centrify Mobile Application or Google Authenticator installed on the client’s mobile device.


  1. Log into the Practice Protect Admin portal and select Authentication from the menu on the left.
  2. Select Add Profile
  3. On this form you want to do the following:
    1. Enter the Profile Name, used to identify the authentication profile
    2. Authentication modes. Pick one from each column to determine the modes of Authentication to be used. The most common pairs are:
      Challenge 1: Password Challenge 2: SMS
      Challenge 1: Password Challenge 2: OATH OTP
      Challenge 1: Password Challenge 2: Security questions
    1. Challenge Passthrough duration. This satisfy the challenge if already authenticated a selected mechanism within specified duration

    Once you have selected your preferred settings select OK from the bottom. To use the Authentication profile you will now need to apply it in a login policy

Updated on November 6, 2018

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