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Completing the Setup Form

Congratulations on starting your Onboarding Journey! Let’s get started…

Below you will find a tutorial video on how to fill out our setup form (online version, excel file with or without a password manager):

Video Tutorial for Online Setup Form

Video Tutorial For Setup Form (Excel File)

Without Password Manager:

With Password Manager: 

Setup Form (excel file) Instructions:

App List:

On the App List tab please list the cloud based apps in your firm that contain sensitive company or client data.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all, we can always add more applications later. We recommend starting with a minimum of 10 applications.

  • Application Name: This is what the application will be called in your portal, you can choose any name you like
  • Login URL: This is the website login page link
  • Dept/Team Members using this App: List your team members or teams that need access to the application
  • Category: Your apps will be grouped in your portal by the category names you choose, in alphabetical order
  • Same login: If multiple team members use the same username/password to login then select “yes” in this column
  • Additional login value: if you require more than a username or password to login e.g. Customer ID

User List:

Login Usernames

Assign apps to users in the matrix on the Login Usernames tab.

  • Fill in the usernames under the user’s column for the apps that they need access to. Please make sure that the user has an active account with that username.
  • Leave the cell blank if the user does not need access to or have an account for the application.
  • For shared applications, fill in the username for one of the team members who need access to the application and then “x” in the users columns who also need access to that shared account / application

4.  Email Completed Form

Reply email with the completed setup form to onboarding@practiceprotect.com leaving the subject line with ticket number attached.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our onboarding team: onboarding@practiceprotect.com.

Updated on October 10, 2023

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