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How to Enable Password Reset Self-Service


This article will guide you (Password Admin) on how to enable Self Service Password Reset on the back-end. This feature will enable the user to reset their Practice Protect Password on their own. Users will receive one time authentication via email to login and asked to Enter the New Password


  • Access to Admin Portal


  1. Go and login to your Practice Protect Admin portal and go to Core Services > Policies.
  2. Go to the Default Policy and then go to User Security Policies > Self Service
  3. Set the below Settings as below
    1. Set Enable account self service controls to Yes
    2. Tick Only allow from browsers with identity cookie
    3. Choose Default Password Reset Profile under Password Reset Authentication Profile
    4. Set Maximum consecutive password reset attempts per session to 5
    5. Set Maximum forgotten password resets allowed within window to 5
    6. Press Save
  4. Then go to Authentication > Authentication Profiles
  5. Go to Default Password Reset Profile
  6. Make Sure that only Email confirmation code is ticked in Challenge 1 then press OK
  7. Then go to Authentication > Security Settings
  8. Tick Send email notification to users when password is changed and press Save

Updated on October 14, 2019

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