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Disable Google Workspace SAML Integration


This shows the step by step guide on how to completely disable Email Integration or Google Workspace SAML in Practice Protect.

Disabling this should reverted their login through Google. Basically, users will have to re-authenticate using their Google credentials. We do advise to setup MultiFactor-Authentication (MFA) for added security.


  • Admin Access to Practice Protect Tenant along with its custom Login URL (i.e. tenantname.practiceprotect.app/my)
  • Google Workspace Account with Super Admin rights


1. Login to Google Workspace Admin using the Super Admin Account.

2. On the left navigation menu, select Security > Authentication > SSO with Third party IdP. You can also directly go to this link.

3. On that page (Single sign-on (SSO) with third-party identity providers), click SSO profile for your organization to open the configuration menu.

4. To turn off SSO, untick Set up SSO with third-party identity provider under Third-party SSO profile for your organization.

5. Clear the values on these text fields. Sign-in page URL, Sign-out page URL, Change Password URL.

6. Hit Save to apply changes. This will successfully turn off SAML SSO or Email Integration for all users.

7. Login to Practice Protect using the customized login URL and switch on the Admin Portal.

8. Go to Apps & Widgets section > Web Apps. Find Google Workspace (type: Web – SAML + Provisioning). Note: App name may be different.

9. Select the app by ticking the box. On the Actions button, select Delete. Confirm deletion if prompted.

10. On the left menu, go to Core Services > Roles. Delete the role/s linked to the Email Integration/SAML. (e.g. Google Workspace Email Integration Users).

This completely disable Google Workspace/Email Integration in Practice Protect. User/s should be able to use their Google credentials and access it directly without being redirected or prompted for Practice Protect login authentication.

If user/s doesn’t remember their Google Workspace credential, person (i.e. IT Personnel) who has admin access on Google should assist on resetting their passwords.

Updated on February 6, 2023

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