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Exclude Users from the Google Workspace SAML Integration


The Google Workspace email integration with Practice Protect requires team members to use their Practice Protect credentials to access their Google Workspace account & applications. The following guide will show you how to exclude users from the integration.

Take note that, users who are excluded will only be signing in with their Google Workspace credentials. It’s strongly recommended to enable multi-factor authentication within your Google Workspace environment.


  • Super Admin access to Google Workspace.


  1. Login to Google Admin Center.
  2. On the home dashboard left menu, Click on Directory then Groups
  3. Create a new group by selecting Create Group.
  4.  Fill in the required details:
    Group Name: PP Email Integration Exclusion
    Group Email: ppexclusion@yourdomain.com.au
    Group Description: Please don’t delete. This group is created for excluding user account on the email integration with Practice Protect.
    Group Owners: Add the Super Admin User Account.Tick Security under the labels section then select Next.
  5. Under Group Settings configure the settings as below then select Create Group.
  6. Select the group that you have just created (E.g. PP Email Integration Exclusion).
  7. Click on Add Members then select the user that needs to be excluded & select Add to Group.
  8. On the left menu, go to Security > Authentication > SSO with third party IdP. Then select Get Started under Manage SSO Profile assignments.

  9. On the left, click Group and search for the group (e.g. PP Exclusion Users)  that was created in the previous step.
  10. Change the SSO Profile assignment to None then select Override to apply the changes.
  11. Ask the user to login to the Google Workspace apps (ex. Gmail) and it will require them to login to their Google Workspace username & password, bypassing the Practice Protect integration.The next section will guide you through resetting the password for the user account that is now bypassing the Practice Protect integration.

Reset Google Workspace Password

  1. Login to Google Admin and select to Directory then Users.
  2. Select Reset Password on the team member that has been excluded from the Practice Protect integration.
  3. Pick Create a password. Use a password generator here and paste the generated password. Tick the option to require the team member to set their own password upon login.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Select Copy Password and provide the password to the team member logging into this account.
  6. Select Done.
  7. The team member can now sign into their Google account using the password you have configured.
Updated on February 21, 2024

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