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Importing Group Policy ADMX templates for Google Chrome

Google provide a whole host of settings for Google Chrome packaged up in a set of ADM and ADMX files for use with Group Policy. To take advantage of their settings, you first need to import the ADM or ADMX templates into your Policy Definitions folder by following the process below:

  1. Download and extract the zipped file containing the Google Chrome templates and documentation from this link.
  2. Open a new explorer window and browse to \\your_domain\SYSVOL\your_domain\Policies\PolicyDefinitions
  3. Copy the chrome.admx file from the policy_definitions\windows\admx directory into the \\your_domain\SYSVOL\your_domain\Policies\PolicyDefinitions directory.
  4. For each language that you require, copy the contents of the language directory from policy_definitions\windows\admx\ directory to the matching language folder in the \\your_domain\SYSVOL\your_domain\Policies\PolicyDefinitions directory.

Once this has been done, the policies will be available within the Group Policy Editor.

Updated on February 21, 2018

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