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First Login & Desktop Setup

This article is a guide for new users on setting up their Practice Protect account for the first time. The procedure is usually being done during the Onboarding process. It usually takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

For the video tutorial of this step-by-step process, watch below:

Login to your Account

  1. A Sign-in invite will be sent to your email account. There are steps to follow included in this email. Read respectively.

Note: If you didn’t receive an invitation email, you can check Junk/Spam mailbox. If still not showing, contact your Password Administrator.

3. You will be redirected to your Practice Protect account.

4. Set the Practice Protect as a bookmark in your browser.

Configure Two-factor Authentication and Password

Hit Get Started as you are required to setup your multi-factor authentication before you can access your User Portal.

There will be steps provided on each section.

Install the Browser Extension

Accessing applications requires a browser extension for it to function.

Please click on the following links to install the browser extension that corresponds with the browser that you prefer:




If you want to deploy the browser extension via Group Policy, you can follow this link. (for IT admins).

For step by step assistance on installing the browser extension click here.

Click Through to your apps

To avoid inconvenience we recommend following the below steps to enter your existing credentials:

1. In your User Portal, under the Applications section, you will see all the apps that are assigned to your account.

Click an app to save your account credentials, then the below prompt will appear.

Click Yes.

NOTE: Credentials that can be saved here are the accounts that you already have. Administrators will assign your credentials for the apps if ever you don’t have an existing account yet.

2. Enter your credentials for the app, then click Save.

For Onboarding assistance email onboarding@practiceprotect.com or call:

Phone: 1300 010 114
AU: +61 (2) 9191 9389
US: +1 (415) 992 8245
HK: +852 5808 7483
PH: +63 (2) 218 3614

Congratulations! You’re now onboarded to Practice Protect.

Updated on January 27, 2022

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