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Add User Account (Cloud Users – Google Workspace SAML + Provisioning)


In this setup, adding users in Practice Protect is synchronized with Google Workspace. This includes the management of the following:

  • Adding user in Google Workspace
  • Registry of user attributes
  • Managing user credentials
  • Others



In this procedure, you will be able to add a user account in Practice Protect and synchronized in Google Workspace.

  1. Create an In Cloud Only user. Please refer to this link in order to create a user.
  2. Once the user is created, under Core Services, go to Roles.

  3.  In the Roles section, Google Workspace are linked into a role. Search and select a role with a corresponding license.

    Click the role to see the properties.

  4. Inside the role, go to Members.

    Click Add, and a user list screen will appear.

    Search and select
    the user, click Add, then click Save.


    The user is now added to the role.

  5. Next step is synchronizing the user account to Google Workspace manually.

    Under Settings go to Users.

    Go to Outbound Provisioning found under the Other section. In Provisioning Enabled Applications drop-down box, choose Google Workspace, then click on Start Sync.


  6. Check the sync status by clicking the link View Synchronization Job Status and Reports hyperlink.

  7. Once the Synchronization is complete, you may now check if the user already appeared in Google Workspace Admin Portal.

A new user is successfully added in Google Workspace.

Updated on June 4, 2021

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