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G Suite Email Redirect Setup

This article serves as a guide on how to create the mail redirection rule in G Suite. To prevent unauthorised password change, we implement ‘mail redirection’ which re-routes password reset emails to the password administrator in your firm. For more details, visit the Mail Redirection article.

Please follow the instructions below on how to create the Mail Redirection Rule in G Suite.

  • Open a browser.
  • Go to Admin Console https://admin.google.com/
  • Log in as the Administrator.
  • On the Admin Console page, click on Apps.
  • On the APPS SETTINGS, Click on G Suite.
  • On the G Suite page, Click Gmail.
  • On the Settings page, Select Advanced settings.
  • On the General Settings tab, under the Compliance Category hover your mouse to Content Compliance then Click on Configure.

On the Add Settings Page, follow the guide below.

  • On the Content Compliance field, enter the description Practice Protect Password Redirect
  • On the Email messages to affect, tick Inbound, Internal – sending & Internal – receiving
  • Select If ANY of the following match the message then click Add
  • Under the Expressions, Select Advanced content match.
  • Under Location, Select Subject
  • Under Match type, Select Contains text
  • Under Content, input the Email Subject from the Password Reset email of the Application.
  • Click Save.

Check the list of the common application subject and domain, click Common Apps Password Reset & Redirect Info

  • Click Add to include more expressions for the other applications Subject line.

If the above expression match, do the following.

  • Select Modify message
  • Under the Envelope recipient, tick Change envelope recipient
  • Select Replace recipient, enter the Password Administrators email address

How to Add the Practice Protect email for Apps Activation done within the Onboarding process.

  • Under Also Deliver to, tick Add more recipients
  • click Add
  • Under Recipients
  • Select Basic
  • On the Recipient address,
  • Enter onboardingsetup@practiceprotectonline.com
  • Click Save
  • Click Show Options
  • Under the Account types to affect, tick Users
  • Click Add Settings

The New Content compliance “Practice Protect Password Redirect” is now added locally.

  • Click Save to apply mail rule.

Note: Once done with the Onboarding Process, remove the onboardingsetup@practiceprotectonline.com on the additional recipient’s list.

Updated on July 10, 2019

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