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What is Mail Redirection?

This article explains mail redirection as context to our request for provision of a service account.

What is mail redirection?

Without mail redirection an unauthorised user could trigger a ‘forgot password’ request which by default is sent to the respective user by email. To prevent unauthorised changing of passwords, we implement ‘mail redirection’ which re-routes password reset emails to the nominated password admin in your firm rather than to a user’s individual email address.

Without mail redirection in place it’s easier and more likely an unauthorised party could circumvent your security measures and breach your systems. This is a critical step in securing your firm.

How is Mail Redirection Setup?

To implement mail redirection and significantly reduce the time investment for your team throughout the onboarding process we need to make a simple change to your email system known as a ‘mail transport rule’ which requires the delegation of a ‘service account’ with mail admin rights. This can be achieved as follows:

  1. We set this up during the kick off call provided the attendees on that call have administrative rights to your mail system.
  2. You or your IT admin performs the simple task as follows:
    1. How to delegate a service account to Office 365
    2. How to delegate a service account to Gsuite
  3. We do it for you via a screen share session with you or your IT provider. Please contact your Onboarding Consultant to arrange a time for this to happen.

This step is absolutely key to the success of the onboarding process so please let us know asap.

Minimum Requirements for mail redirection

For this to be implemented, a business Email system (Gmail, Office 365, Exchange 2013+ are required).  If you don’t have one of the business email systems listed above, we can’t setup mail redirection however you can prevent password resets contractually using our IT and internet usage policy.

For more information and technical setup articles related to mail redirection click here

Updated on February 11, 2019

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