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Office365/Exchange Email Redirect Setup

This article serves as a guide on how to create a mail rule or setup mail redirection in Office 365/Exchange.

What is mail redirection? To prevent unauthorized password change, we implement ‘mail redirection’ which re-routes password reset emails to the password administrator in your firm. For more details, visit the Mail Redirection article.

Please follow the instructions below on how to create a mail rule in Office 365 and Exchange 2013.


  • Office 365 Global Administrator Account

Create Mail Transport Rule

1. Login to Office 365 Admin Portal

2. Under Admin Centers, click on Exchange

3. On the Navigation Pane, click Mail Flow

4. Under Rules, click the + (plus drop-down icon)

5. Select Create a new rule.

6. Click More Options

7. Under the Name field, type Practice Protect Password Redirect

8. Under Apply this rule if, Select The sender and domain is

9. On the specify domain page, enter all the application domains that you need to reset the Password.

10. Press Enter or click the + (plus icon)

11. Click OK once done.

12. Repeat for all Domains required.

13. Check the list of the common application subject and domain, click Common Apps Password Reset & Redirect Info.

14. Click Add Condition

15. On the drop-down list, select The subject or body and subject includes any of these words

16. On the specify words or phrases page, enter all the application email subject lines that you need to reset the Password.
Press Enter or click the + (plus icon)
Click OK once done.

17. Check the list of the common email subject lines, click Common Apps Password Reset & Redirect Info.

18. Under Do the following, Select Redirect the message to and these recipients

19. On the Select Member page, select the profile of the Password Manager

20. Click Add

21. Click OK once done

22. How to Add the Practice Protect email for Apps Activation done within the Onboarding process.

23. Enter the onboardingsetup@practiceprotectonline.com

24. Click Check Name

25. Click OK once done

26. Click Save

27. The New Rule “Practice Protect Password Redirect” is now active.

Note: Once done with the Onboarding Process, remove theonboardingsetup@practiceprotect.com on the check name field.

Create User Exception

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Portal https://portal.office.com
  2. Under Admin Centers Click on Exchange
  3. On the Navigation Pane, click mail flow
  4. Click on Rules
  5. Look for a rule called “Practice Protect Password Redirect”
  6. Double Click on the Rule to Edit.
  7. Go to Add Exception and Click it
  8. Chose “The recipient is…” then “is this person”
  9. Find the User/Users you would like to exclude. Double click their names to Add and click Ok
  10. Confirm the Users are showing under “Except If” and Click Save
  11. The Rule is now updated to exclude those Users.
  12. Test Sending Rest Email.
Updated on April 29, 2022

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