Predefined roles

Practice Protect Identity Services provides the following predefined Roles or Groups:

  • Everybody: By default, all Practice Protect Directory Service users are assigned to this role. For example, all users that are added to the Practice Protect Directory by using bulk import are added to the Everybody. Similarly, if you are using Active Directory/LDAP as your directory service, users are automatically added to Everybody when they log in to the Practice Protect Identity Services user portal the first time or enroll a device. When you add an individual user, the default setting is to add the account to the Everybody role. To exclude a user from the Everybody role, select the Is Service User option on the user Account page.
  • Restricted User: If you have a staff from your firm that you want to have access Only to Specific location or IP Addresses, then you add that user to this role. This role ties up to IP Block Policy in Practice Protect. Users from this role will only have access to the user portal.
  • Password Manager: Users from this role will have access to Practice Protect anywhere. They don’t have restriction to specific location and can access both the User portal and the Admin Portal. They can manage user and application within Pratice Protect. The password manager is responsible in adding the the credentials to the users applications.
  • Systems Administrator: This role grants full access to all Admin Portal settings. By default, the Practice Protect Directory account for the user who signed up for Practice Protect Identity Services is a sysadmin role member.
Updated on October 16, 2017

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