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Add User Account (AD User + AD 365 Sync – Office 365 Federated)


How to create New User(s) for Practice Protect where Active Directory Connector is installed, on-premise Active Directory is Syncing with Office 365 and Practice Protect is Federated with Office 365.

If this does not suite your deployment please see below:



  1. Login to a Domain Controller
  2. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  3. Right-Click the OU you want to create the user in. Click New > User
  4. Complete the required fields and click Next
  5. Create a password and click Next 
  6. The account is now created. Click finish 
  7. Run Manual DirSync / Azure Active Directory Sync from the Server running the Office 365 AD Sync Agent. You can refer to the following guide
  8. Login to Practice Protect and switch to Admin Portal
  9. Go to Roles > select Office 365 (or other Role used for Office 365 Federation) > Click Members > Click Add > type the name of the New User made in Active Directory on the search field > Tick the box beside the Name and click Add. Then Click Save
  10. Login to  Office 365 Admin Center and refresh the user page. The newly created user will now appear. If the account has not appeared please check your Azure Active Directory Sync is working
  11. Assign the required Office 365 license to the New User Account. Wait until the the Mailbox has been created.
  12. The New User account can now login into Practice Protect using their UPN from Active Directory as their username and the password that has been set. Once logged in they can launch Office 365 Applications using the same account. 

Updated on October 14, 2019

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