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Block Sign-In (AzureAD/Microsoft 365 Source Account)


This guide covers how to block a user account that is linked from AzureAD/Microsoft 365 source directory from logging into Practice Protect. Note this will also block the account being able to login to Microsoft 365, these functions are connected. Blocking sign-in can only be controlled from Microsoft 365 in this deployment type.

For removing user accounts entirely please refer to Remove User Account Guide.


  • Microsoft 365 Administrator Account

Add User in Microsoft 365

  1. Login to Microsoft 365 Admin Portal – https://portal.office.com/Adminportal
  2. Go to Active Users.
  3. Find the required user account and Click to open.
  4. Click on Block sign-in.
  5. Tick block this user from signing in. Then Save changes.
  6. User will now be blocked from Microsoft 365 and Practice Protect Sign-in. This can take 15-60 mins to apply.
  7. You can reverse this by repeating the process and unticking block at step 5.


Updated on May 30, 2024

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