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Remove User Options with AzureAD (Office 365) Accounts


When removing a Azure AD (Office 365) sourced accounts there are some considerations to take into account. It crucial that you remove accounts correctly in order to avoid any issues. This guide covers options and considerations to take into account prior to removing accounts to suit your company’s requirements.

Before you begin, think about what data is required to be retained from Office 365.

Giving another user access to the deleted user’s email will convert the deleted user’s mailbox to a shared mailbox. The new mailbox owner can then access the mailbox and monitor for new email.

Removing the Practice Protect account will not remove the Office 365 Account or Reduce your Office 365 licensing count. This is the responsibility of the client and the IT Administrator.

Options and Considerations

Below is a list of options and considerations to take into account and the processes to complete them.

Once you have reviewed the options and considerations you can incorporate them into the Remove User Process here.

Hide User/Mailbox from Address Book

After the account has been removed in Practice Protect you can chose to hide the account from other users. To do so follow the below steps:

  1. Login to the Office 365 Admin Portal Https://portal.office.com
  2. Go to Active Users
  3. Find the User Account and open. Go to the Mail tab.
  4. Click on Manage Global Address List Visibility.
  5. Untick Show in my organization address list. Click Save Changes.
  6. This can take 72 hrs to update to all local Outlooks in the Company.

Keep the contents of a former employee’s mailbox (Convert to Shared)

Most companies retain 

To convert a user mailbox to shared mailbox:

1. Go to the Exchange admin center.

2. Select Recipients > Mailboxes.

3. Select the user mailbox. Under Convert to Shared Mailbox, select Convert.

4. Once converted you can remove the license from the user in Office 365, and stop paying for it. We would also advise to hide the account from the Address Book in the guide above.

5. Do not delete the user’s old mailbox or account in Office 365. This account is required as an anchor. Removing it will delete the email data.

Updated on May 9, 2022

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