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Add User Account (AzureAD/Office 365 Source)


This guide covers the process of adding a new user account where the source directory of Practice Protect is Azure Active Directory (Office 365). If this is not your Practice Protect deployment type please refer to this guide.


  • Office 365 Administrator Account
  • Practice Protect Administrator Account
  • Mobile Number of  New User (Recommended for PP MFA)

Add User in Office 365

  1. Login to Office 365 Admin Portal – https://portal.office.com/Adminportal
  2. Go to Active Users.
  3. Click Add a user.
  4. Fill in Name details and username/email. Click Next.
  5. Chose Office 365 license required and click Next.
  6. Under Optional Settings, click on Profile Info.
  7. Extra fields will appear. Fill in the mobile number on the user in the international format. This is recommended as MFA backup for Practice Protect (SMS OTP). Click Next.
  8. Review account and click Finish adding.
  9. New account is now created in Office 365. 
  10. Continue below to invite user to Practice Protect or Add user to required Office 365 Groups.

Invite User to Practice Protect

  1. Login to Practice Protect and Switch to Admin Portal
  2. Switch to Admin Portal.
  3. Go to Users.
  4. Click Invite Users.
  5. Search user account using full Email Address. Select User(s) and click Invite. Note confirm source directory matches your requirement.
  6. Click Send Invites. This will send the users an email and also add the accounts into the portal.
  7. You can refresh the portal to see the new account by click on Reload Rights under your account in the top right corner.
  8. Invited accounts will now show in the list of users after refresh.
  9. Click on a user account to check Mobile number is showing. As Practice Protect pulls the account details from Office 365 the mobile number can only be updated from Office 365.
  10. Continue below to add new users to required Roles. If users are not added to correct roles they may not be able to login to the portal or access their required apps.

Add User to Practice Protect Role

  1. Go to Roles.
  2. Search for required Role and Open. If unsure which roles are required, find a similar user and view assigned roles. Most firms will have a dedicated role that allows users access to the portal, this role is normally GEO locked.
  3. Go to Members.
  4. Click on Add.
  5. Search user with full Username/Email from Office 365. Select and Click Add.
  6. Confirm User account(s) required are listed and click Save.
  7. Accounts are now added to Role. Permissions referenced by Role members will now apply. 

Updated on May 9, 2022

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