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How to protect new Applications

This article explains the process for app activation

What is Application Activation (reset)?

Application Protection is controlling and securing the password for the applications. Controlling by preventing the users from resetting their passwords and Securing by resetting the password with very strong passwords that are hard to crack and update them in practice protect.

How is Application Protection done for a user?

1- Setup Email redirection

  1. You need to get a Forgotten Password Email for the application you want to protect. If you have your own account, go to the application login page and request a forgotten password email. When you receive the email, Capture the email subject and sender domain.If you don’t have an account, request it for a team member who does and have them forward the email to you.
  1. Update email redirection rules to include those details. You can click here for Office365 Guide or click here for Gsuite Guide.

Ex: Capture the email subject and sender domain for Xero

a. Go to Xero login page and press “Forget your password?”

b. Enter your username (email) and press Send link

c. Go and check the received email from Xero and get the sender domain and email subject.

2- Reset the password

  1. For each user you want to protect that application for him, request a forgotten password. This will generate an email for each, which if the redirection rules are configured correctly, you as the admin will receive it and the user will not.
  2. Open our password generator here and generate a 16 character password. Then hit the copy button, will turn green when copied to the clipboard.
  3. Click the link in the email to reset that user’s password and paste the generated password.

Ex: Reset Xero password

a. Go to Xero login page and press “Forget your password?”

b. Enter your username (email) and press Send link

c. Go to the password generator and select 16 character password. Then click the Generate button and copy the generated password

d. Go to your email Click and click the link in the password reset email (Only Password admins will receive it)

e. Paste the generated password in the New Password, paste it again in Re-enter your new password and click Reset Password

3- Update the password in Practice Protect

  1. For each user go to Practice Protect and add/update the password for that application or if it is shared account, you need to add it to the application itself. You can find the guide here.
  2. Go and test the application if it is shared account or have the user test it and make sure that it is working as expected.


  • We don’t update password for applications with desktop or mobile application as the users will lose access to it.
  • You need to make sure that the application is assigned to the user.

Updated on June 16, 2022

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