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Transfer Ownership of Shared Secure Items



In the event that a user is removed from Practice Protect, any items from Land & Catch or Secured Notes that have not been shared with another team member will also be deleted. Items that have been shared with another team member, can be transferred to a specific user in the firm (we recommend this be the Password Admin). The below guide will show you how to configure a policy to transfer shared items to a specific person in the firm when the original owner has been removed.

Important!  This will only transfer any secured notes that has been shared to another user. Any non-shared items will not be transferred and will be lost. 

For a guide on how to share Secured Items you can click here.
For a guide on how to share Land & Catch applications you can click here.


1. Configure Policy Settings to transfer ownership of secured items

  • In the Admin Portal select Core Services and then Policies (ex. Default Policy) > User Security Policies > User Account Settings > User Shared Apps.
  • Tick the check box next to Transfer Ownership of Shared Items.
  • Select the Owner Type (Manager or Specified User) and click Add to enter priority list to transfer ownership.
  • If you select Specified user, click Add and search for a user to add.
  • Hit Save to apply configuration.

  • When the owner of a shared item is deleted, it will now be transferred to the user you have specified.
Updated on December 13, 2023

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