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What is Office365 Federation or G-Suite SAML?

Why Federation or SAML?

Office 365, G-suite, Dropbox and other accounting apps are susceptible to breaches as their login web pages are designed predominantly for convenience rather than security. Large companies like this make security the responsibility of their client in the terms and conditions.

That creates an issue because email is particularly a target for hackers.

Firstly, once they steal access to a mailbox, they can impersonate you and leverage the trust you have with your clients by being able to contact them as you.

Secondly, just the amount of information that’s stored in a mailbox. Emails you’ve sent and even deleted items, and things that people have sent to you over the years are very valuable from a hacker’s perspective.

What is Federation or SAML?

“Federation” or “SAML” are used to integrate Practice Protect with cloud applications such as Office 365, Google Mail, Dropbox, FYI Docs and Suite files. The purpose is to extend the security controls that Practice Protect has like location control, multifactor authentication, user logging etc around your company files and email stored in cloud-based applications.

What happens when it is enabled?

Once we’ve integrated your email or file storage applications with Practice Protect and federation or SAML is enabled, when you go into your email on your desktop, phone, or whatever device you are accessing from, you’ll need to use your login details for Practice Protect not your old email one.

That’s pretty much it.

Updated on March 16, 2020

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